About Us

White Space is a strategy consulting firm that likes to do things differently.

Our profitability comes second to delighted clients and happy staff. We’re motivated by the intellectual challenge of solving difficult, complex problems for our clients.  We back ourselves to be the best in the business at gathering market evidence and understanding its implications.

When a brief matches our capabilities, we believe we’ll do a better job than any firm, anywhere. If it doesn’t, we’ll let you know at the outset.

We’re always collaborative and open, approachable and honest. We’ve earned the trust of our clients, the enthusiasm of our staff and the right to think of ourselves as a uniquely different kind of firm:



  • “They’re bright, approachable people who elevate the quality of the decisions I make. They can handle lots of data, find insights and present me with a simple set of conclusions. They take on very difficult problems – too difficult for me – and solve them with a minimum of fuss.”
  • “White Space has a different approach to working with clients than some of the larger consultancies. They approach the problem without trying to project what they think the solution or answer is, it is very much a tailored service”
  • “From the outset of the relationship between Helen & Douglas House and White Space I experienced business people for whom corporate social responsibility is a ‘lived’ value”