About Us

White Space has supported the growth of over 100 major companies, helping them achieve combined revenues of over £650bn. In each case we laid the foundations of this success by gaining a deep understanding of all the issues, challenges and dilemmas they faced, then worked with insatiable curiosity and penetrating intelligence to identify the best courses of action.

Our holistic approach to total market analysis provides unique insights that we then build into coherent and powerful business cases for change. These make it easy for business leaders to see the best way forward, win over investors and gain the enthusiastic support of stakeholders.



Why we’re different

  • Unique Resource Model – Primarily off-site working, Oxford based, No ‘Partners’ = Lower cost base
  • Unique Capability – Breadth & depth of primary research, Cutting edge data analytics, 2/3 Oxbridge staff backgrounds = Better, Quicker Decisions
  • Unique Philosophy – Work collaboratively, Avoid ‘consultancy speak’, Dedicate 5% of time to Pro Bono = Easy to work with


Our clients love what we do…

NPS +86 and 80% of clients repeat purchase