Thought Leadership

How to make a flatter organisational structure work

Businesses traditionally tend to have a hierarchical management system. However, more and more businesses have abandoned this structure and have adopted alternative systems with fewer managers. These “flatter” company structures are shaking up traditionally organised workplaces but there are conflicting reports around their success. Whilst some have been successful, even industry leaders, many have failed…

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What will this year hold for Black Friday?

The countdown to Black Friday has well and truly started, but what can we learn from last year and what might happen this year? Black Friday is now the biggest shopping day in the UK: last year £2bn was spent in shops and online in just a 24-hour period. In 2015 footfall in stores fell…

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Connected Homes: Why the market will take off

There’s an elephant in the (as yet unconnected) room: are connected homes technologies actually useless?  Do customers in any way want or need them?  It’s become almost impossible in some workplaces to say-nay about technology, and question it as being anything other than amazing.  But this isn’t always the case – sometimes life’s better simple….

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Millennials (those born between 1980-2000) are part of a generation which has grown up in the midst of the digital revolution. The internet, social media and smartphones are commonplace and expectations around ease and speed are much higher than before. They are also set to be the generation with the biggest spending power since the…

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4 Future Trends of Loyalty Schemes

Internet shopping means it is now easier than ever before to find the same item at a lower price. In an attempt to win customers, a huge number of loyalty schemes have been developed. This has left customers with wallets and purses full of cards that offer very similar things. Rather than jumping on the…

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