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White Space has helped companies address both general and industry-specific issues by providing consultancy based on deep market understanding. Our project experience has allowed us to generate a wealth of thought leadership into common business issues and industry trends.


Retail: Best Practice Responses in a Challenging Environment

As consumers experience decreasing levels of disposable income and retailers face rising and volatile prices, the retail sector is struggling to maintain profitability. In this White Paper we consider best practice responses to this challenging economic and competitive environment..

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Visualising Data to Consumers: How to do it well

In the world of apps and online portals, good data visualisation appears to be the key to success. Being able to visualise data effectively, whether you have an energy, health and fitness app or any other product, will mean you stand out from the crowd. White Space has identified four key principles that companies ought…

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The Future of Drones in the Commercial World

Traditionally the usage of drones, UAVs, has been seen by many is limited to the military space. However, it now appears as though there is an opportunity for UAVs to revolutionise the commercial world through the way in which goods are delivered, as well as the way in which landscapes are mapped. Here we explore…

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Dealing with Disruption: 5 ways Companies can Tackle Disruption

The Internet, digital technology and a squeeze on household budgets have created fertile ground for disruptors. A broad range of challengers to established companies has emerged and no industry appears safe.  White Space has identified and analysed five strategic options available to incumbents to help mount a defence: Nurture the threat Leverage existing assets Lobby…

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Strategic Analysis of Cross Sell Critical Success Factors

Customer retention and increasing revenues per customer are more important than ever before. Cross selling products to customers is a potential route to increase both. Here we consider the key CSFs in the Insurance, Retail Banking and Telecoms sectors and try and establish the core CSFs necessary for successful competition in these sectors.

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