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White Space has helped companies address both general and industry-specific issues by providing consultancy based on deep market understanding. Our project experience has allowed us to generate a wealth of thought leadership into common business issues and industry trends.


Retail Banking: Any room for new Entrants?

New entrants to the retail banking sector have been successful, able to differentiate and find their own niches in the well-established market. We explore how they have done it.

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FMCG Supply Chains:post Recession Trends

White Space has written and published an industry consultation white paper focusing on the responses of FMCG manufacturers to continuing post-recession economic conditions…

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UK consumer price flexibility analysis: Potential responses to inflation 

White Space commissioned an internal consultancy project to analyse the consumer price flexibility and attitudes towards future price increases involving a nationally representative consumer survey of 3,000 people.

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Using Regression Analysis in Customer Experience Analysis

We draw upon our experience to examine how regression analysis works, what confidence intervals are, how regression analysis should be interpreted and how to interpret changes over time, within the context of customer experience analysis.

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Strategic CSAT: Driving Strategic Outputs from Satisfaction Research

The key strengths of CSAT research programmes are problem diagnosis, data collection methodology, basic reporting and responsiveness. The overriding weakness of CSAT research programmes is their inability to deliver strategic or commercial outputs.

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