White Space has delivered hundreds of projects across a broad range of Consumer and B2B sectors. We’ve summarised a selection of them below, demonstrating how we work and how our clients have benefited from this.


Local Heroes Proposition Development

White Space identified and helped develop an effective on-demand home services proposition for British Gas…   “White Space were able to help us analyse the on-demand market, and how we could make the existing business better.” Head of Incubator – UK Home, British Gas   Key Questions Answered: How can we compete with the growing…

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Connected Homes Strategy Support

White Space helped Samsung develop a growth strategy for the European connected homes market…   “White Space did a fantastic job of condensing external and our own information into a clear set of conclusions. They then used their network quickly and effectively to connect us with like-minded people from around the connected homes world.” Strategy…

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Market Mapping and Analysis

White Space helped npower Business Solutions decide how best to further penetrate an area of the UK B2B energy market…   “White Space combined data from multiple sources and provided a clear market view, paired with strategic recommendations for action. As a result of this work, we were able to justify the investment in a…

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Home Services Growth Strategy Support

White Space identified and assessed growth opportunities for British Gas’ Home Services Business…   “The team contributed to a new way of thinking about the home services market, taking a more customer centric and broader approach. With the help of White Space, we were able to implement a number of key strategic initiatives.” Head of…

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M&A and Market Entry Support

White Space helped DS Smith assess a potential acquisition which would see them enter a new market…   “White Space listened to the brief, conducted confidential interviews with relevant people, analysed large quantities of internal and public domain data, and gave a clear recommendation based on the facts that were gathered.  The work was of…

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