Retail is one of White Space’s biggest sectors. We have worked for retailers across the globe, from multinational grocers to niche fashion boutiques. Many of our clients are in challenging existing markets, where there is a need to innovate with limited resources or risk exposure. The recession is biting hard into profitability, and consumers are increasingly demanding investment so they can browse, buy, collect and return across multiple channels.

White Space’s role is to help our clients grow, and to work out where their precious investments will deliver the best returns.

Key questions we have helped clients answer recently:

• What new categories could we enter in the UK to drive growth?
• Why have sales collapsed in one of our key categories?
• Could we sell services as well as products?
• Should we enter Ireland? If so, how?
• How do we differentiate to retain and grow market share in a crowded market?
• How do we effectively message around the value of our offering?

White Space’s retail clients include:

• The Carphone Warehouse
• Best Buy
• John Lewis
• Shop Direct Group
• Helen & Douglas House (pioneering charity retailer)
• Asda


“John Bee and his team are incredibly detailed, thorough and passionate in their work bringing a high level of analysis and logic to their output. Their work to date has been exceptional”

Marketing Director, Europe, GAP

“White Space’s work directly supported the development of our entry into a new market and our roll-out within it.  Their market analysis was comprehensive and provided a valuable assessment of the potential of the new market.  They delivered a series of specific recommendations which allowed us to allocate a budget to entering this market and a plan for the roll-out.  Drawing on White Space’s findings, we launched into this market in 2013 with greater confidence and direction than would have been possible otherwise”

Head of Retail Operations, Shelter

“I have always found White Space insightful and valuable to understanding our present and future needs. The White Space team are always willing to go an extra mile, whether it be in relation to new product development or moving our understanding forward with regards to existing product offerings.”

Services Director, The Carphone Warehouse (Best Buy Europe)

“Everyone at Carphone Warehouse who has worked with White Space has been unable to fault their professionalism and excellent work. We look forward to working with them more in the future.”

Head of Research, The Carphone Warehouse (Best Buy Europe)

Case Study: International Market Expansion

Our client has one of the most recognisable fashion brands in the United States. Their CEO wanted to enter Europe, but required advice on whether their proposition would be successful and on which countries to focus.

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