White Space and Oak Grove partner for sustainability

White Space Strategy has today announced a new partnership with innovation and sustainability specialists Oak Grove Associates. The partnership will help clients understand and quantify the opportunities (and threats) emerging from the climate crisis. Our work will allow them to develop sustainable propositions that meet their customers’ evolving needs, tapping into new revenue streams. This follows closely on from our support of DS Smith in analysing the capacity for reducing plastic use in retail and their associated partnership with the Ellen McArthur Foundation. To read the press release, click here.

Oak Grove [link] are an Oxford-based consultancy focusing on innovation, partnerships and engagement for sustainability. Jesper Ekelund, one of the founding Directors, has worked closely with White Space as an Associate in the last five years and brings significant experience in helping organisations adapt their business models and evolve their propositions to be fit for a green future. They share our firm belief that businesses need to be at the heart of our transformation to a green economy.

It is clear that leading on sustainability is no longer a risk reduction exercise for businesses but central to long term viability and growth. Whilst sustainability has been high up the agenda for many of our clients for several years, there has been a clear tipping point in the last year with a sea change in attitude from customers and legislators alike, further increasing the urgency and focus in this area.

White Space and Oak Grove are today launching our initial joint proposition, which will help clients identify key opportunities and priorities in staying ahead of the market whilst providing insights for sustainable proposition development. To find out more and about how we can help develop propositions fit for a green future, contact us on 01865 793800.


Jesper Ekelund, Founder & Director Oak Grove Associates, commented:

We are delighted to partner with White Space Strategy to deliver a key service that will help our clients better prepare for a sustainable future. It is very exciting to be combining White Space’s unrivalled ability to deliver detailed market evidence with our tried and tested processes to deliver sustainability focussed business models and propositions. We look forward to jointly delivering these projects and working closely together to develop further services in this space in the future.