White Space helps DS Smith set its sights on removable plastic

White Space has supported DS Smith, a leading international sustainable packaging company, in releasing new research which finds that 1.5 million tonnes of plastic could be replaced each year from supermarkets across Europe.

White Space helped jointly produce the report “Transforming the Supermarket Aisle”. It identifies plastic packaging, such as fresh produce punnets and shrink wrap, which supermarkets can replace with alternative, renewable materials. The five categories identified account for over 70 billion individual units of plastic (over 1.5 million tonnes) per year and are highlighted as targets for reduction and replacement by the packaging company.

You can find the complete report on DS Smith’s website by clicking this link.

On the report, Miles Smith, CEO of DS Smith commented:

It is clear that we all have a big job to do, but we can already see through our research some of the potential answers. Our research demonstrates that simple changes in the materials used could make a big difference for retailers, thereby reducing plastic use by millions of tonnes over the next decade. While there is no silver bullet, we know that sustainable fibre-based packaging has a huge role to play, appealing to our customers and consumers alike.”

Nick Edwards, Managing Director of White Space:

We have worked closely with DS Smith over a number of years, helping them understand complex markets and identify growth strategies. This was another great project to work on with a truly global reach. We believe we have identified a huge potential market, and one which we at White Space care about improving.”