White Space helps Volvo Trucks tackle cyclist safety

Volvo’s passion and commitment to safe driving is at the core of their business philosophy. With 2019 marking the 60th anniversary of the revolutionary three-point seat belt, created by Volvo, White Space is helping shape Volvo Trucks’ strategy to improve communication between cyclists and truck drivers, to ultimately reduce incidents involving cyclists on the road.


As an avid cyclist, John Bee, Managing Director at White Space was delighted to get involved with the initiative:


“I’ve always admired Volvo’s commitment to road safety, and am looking forward to helping them with this. It’s a really interesting challenge for us. Cyclists can be viewed as a ‘market’ which can be understood better and empathised with. We’ll build this understanding, helping Volvo Trucks develop a future collaboration with cyclists”


Our work forms part of Volvo Trucks’ global “See And Be Seen” campaign. This helps deliver their overall safety vision, that no Volvo truck should be involved in a traffic accident. For more information on this campaign, or to see how you can get involved visit https://www.volvotrucks.com/en-en/our-values/safety/see-and-be-seen.html