White Space collaborates with Oxford Foundry

White Space are in the process of forging a relationship with the Oxford Foundry, the new entrepreneurship centre launched by the University of Oxford. The Foundry aims to support current students and alumni in becoming more entrepreneurial in outlook and action, and also focusses on venture creation, growth and support through its accelerator programme L.E.V8.

White Space are collaborating on a project with L.E.V8 to support its entrepreneurs in building their go-to-market strategies as they launch and grow their businesses. The ventures span industries including utilities, financial services, IoT, FMCG and healthcare. This provides a great opportunity for White Space to see and work on the cutting edge of development across its core sectors and beyond.

Each venture is at a different stage of development and each founder has a different vision for its growth, making this a stimulating and varied project for the White Space team to work on. White Space are excited to continue building their relationship with the Foundry and its ventures moving forward.


“It is such an exciting experience to hear about rapidly scaling businesses and discuss the best way forward in complex national and international markets. I’m really looking forward to building this relationship with the foundry and hope to continue working with them on projects in the future”

Alex Grime, Project Team Leader