Pro Bono

In recent years White Space has donated over £300,000 of our time to charities in pro bono consulting.  We take pride in seeing our staff do charity and community work, and actively support this wherever possible.  Our staff have completed half marathons, marathons and triathlons for good causes.  They’ve filled shoe boxes full of Christmas presents for children in the developing world through to careers support for local secondary school students and working directly with the homeless in Christmas soup kitchens.

Over recent years our professional aid has included an incredible range of work, from lending professional expertise and free and reduced rates to becoming active charitable trustee and non-executive board members.

We do this because we care, but also because we’re lucky to have abilities which can help out.

Pro Bono Projects

Many charities have pressing market analysis needs.  Although they most obviously relate to fundraising, they can also relate to service delivery by identifying and understanding new groups of people who need help.

White Space has two pro bono project ‘models’:

  1. Entirely free projects – Works well for smaller charities requiring very targeted or local projects
  2. At cost projects – Works well for larger charities requiring bigger projects at a national or international scale


helen and douglas house logo

When White Space launched its pro bono practice, a key priority was to help a local organisation. We had great admiration for the children’s hospice services that Helen & Douglas House provide and approached them to see if our consultancy services could be of use.

White Space has since provided a wide range of support, entirely without fee.  Projects have covered areas including corporate fundraising strategy, key city analysis and proposition development support.   Our senior staff have been heavily involved with H&DH’s non-executive Corporate Advisory Group.  White Space staff have run half marathons, raising funds directly.  This has all aimed to help H&DH maintain their world class facilities in Oxford, delivering care to children and young adults who desperately need and deserve it.

“From the outset of the relationship between Helen & Douglas House and White Space I experienced business people for whom corporate social responsibility is a ‘lived’ value.  The team at White Space selflessly used its combined expertise and experience for the benefit of the Charity. In the daily round of charity management we seldom have the luxury of time or sufficiency of resources to step back to look at the broader business landscape.  White Space, true to its name, has in a dynamic, inspiring and engaging way, helped us to do that.  In so doing they have inspired us to envisage new possibilities for Helen & Douglas House’s fundraising and fresh opportunities for raising awareness about the Charity’s work throughout the entire Thames Valley.”

Tom Hill, Chief Executive, Helen & Douglas House


the national autistic society logoThe National Autistic Society approached White Space to help support the development of a new service offering, aimed at increasing employment opportunities for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We recognised the importance of this new service, and offered our support at a heavily reduced fee.

“We approached White Space with a new service concept and some big questions around understanding our potential customer base, their interests, needs and purchasing intent. White Space executed the project with great tenacity, intelligence, and professionalism. They took the time to truly understand our needs and delivered well above and beyond our expectations.”

Mark Lever, Chief Executive, The National Autistic Society


british red cross logo

British Red Cross approached White Space for support growing a revenue generating B2B service.  White Space has subsequently delivered a range of market analysis projects identifying target customer segments and helping develop a new sales and marketing strategy.  As well as providing strategic direction, this has enabled them to win some key new accounts.

“I am very happy to have found White Space. I have found them to be extremely diligent from the first contact that we had with them, right through to the end of the project. The project that they have recently completed for me has benefited both me and the organisation tremendously. I would not hesitate to recommend White Space to anyone.”

Marketing Manager, British Red Cross

Getting Us Involved!

We’re always open to approaches from charities and community groups.  We’re not always able to help, but often can.  Feel free to use the Contact Us page to get in touch.