Growth Strategy Support

Hiscox were interested in expanding within the German market and wanted help to plan for growth. White Space’s work allowed them to understand potential market share in Germany and enabled them to improve segment strategy, as well as identify growth opportunities.

We analysed their internal performance data, exploring performance across a range of customer segments.  We superimposed onto this internal view externally sourced data on the overall structure and size of the German market.  This revealed areas of strength, weakness and opportunity.

Our work has helped Hiscox expand their business significantly, and in 2013 they launched a new direct insurance offering in Germany for businesses in the IT, management and business consulting sector.

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Key Questions Addressed:

  • What is the potential opportunity for us in Germany?
  • What’s our current market share and growth potential?
  • What sectors and company size types should we focus on?
  • How can we analyse our customer data to identify growth opportunities?

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“White Space have enabled us to improve our target segment strategy and thereby grow our business significantly”

Head of Marketing Direct, Europe

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