International Market Expansion

  • B2B

Client: American fashion retailer

Issue: European market entry

Our client has one of the most recognisable fashion brands in the United States. Their CEO wanted to enter Europe, but required advice on whether their proposition would be successful and on which countries to focus.

White Space results:

Our market analysis identified one country as a focus for their European expansion, having started with a ‘longlist’ of five. This country had lower levels of existing client brand awareness than other longlist countries, but had the greatest levels of product satisfaction amongst customers there who already owned their products. It also had the largest market size for their area of fashion retail. They have subsequently followed our advice and launched in this country.

How we did it:

Our analysis of the five longlist countries was based on developing a market assessment framework. This was driven by primary customer and competitor research, including an extensive survey of their target customers in each country. Key assessment framework criteria included:

• Brand Awareness: Client brand vs. competitor brands
• Product Ownership: Client and competitor products
• Brand Perception: Client and competitor brands
• Market Size
• Competitor Strength
• Macro-economic Outlook

Analysis of the research against these criteria allowed us to deliver a commercially relevant assessment of each of the five countries. This supported identification of key strengths and weaknesses of each country and an overall recommendation of which countries were most attractive.