Investment Decision Support

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Wavin approached White Space with a potential investment idea, and wanted validation that there was sufficient market demand, as well as which areas to invest in for the greatest return. White Space’s work validated their investment decision, enabling them to focus their resources on much more attractive market segments.

Our recommendations supported Wavin in making a £6 million investment decision.

6m investment

Key Questions Addressed:

  • Is there market demand to support Wavin’s proposed investment?
  • Within which sectors?
  • For what products?
  • How can Wavin succeed in this market?

Should Wavin invest to:

  • Expand production capacity?
  • Expand range?
  • Bolt on new capabilities?

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“We needed to understand whether there was sufficient market demand to support our proposed investment, and where specifically to invest for the greatest return”

“White Space’s work validated our investment decision but in the process revealed that one of our key sectors was twice the size we had previously thought. The depth of their analysis and the clarity of their recommendations have allowed us to focus our resources much more on attractive market segments and invest in the right manufacturing capabilities”

“White Space delivered results that exceeded our expectations. Their people are extremely capable, their process is rigorous and their approach is very professional. We have already commissioned a second project with them”

Marketing Director, Wavin UK

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