Book Review: Disciplined Entrepreneurship – Bill Aulet

What is it? Aulet’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship presents a 24-step journey to launching a new product or service through an ‘innovation-driven entrepreneurship’ process. He aims to demystify entrepreneurship by laying out a clear structure for budding entrepreneurs to follow, from understanding your customer and what you can do for them through to designing and building your…

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Fantastic USPs and how to build them

Building a strong USP is key to sustainable growth. As part of our work supporting business growth, we’ve recently helped a number of companies identify and establish their USPs. What’s become clear to us is that lots of companies are advertising their selling points, but few are truly unique. To unlock rapid growth, what you…

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Demand-Side Response: how it can save carbon, save Britain, and save your business money

What is Demand-Side Response? Demand-Side Response, or DSR, is the systematic change in power usage (demand-side) when certain conditions are triggered (response). In essence, when lots of people are using power, and the grid is under strain, certain users turn off their power to keep the electricity grid balanced. For example, when the adverts come…

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White Space and Oak Grove partner for sustainability

White Space Strategy has today announced a new partnership with innovation and sustainability specialists Oak Grove Associates. The partnership will help clients understand and quantify the opportunities (and threats) emerging from the climate crisis. Our work will allow them to develop sustainable propositions that meet their customers’ evolving needs, tapping into new revenue streams. This…

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Unpicking “as-a-Service”

Within our work we’re increasingly encountering ‘as-a-Service’ business models, in which traditional products are being transformed into managed services. A model famously held by Rolls-Royce’s 1962 ‘Power-by-the-Hour’ trademark, in which operators are charged per-flight-hour for engines. More recently, ‘Platform-as-a-Service’ (PaaS) models, which facilitate development and sale of multiple solution offerings on a single platform, are…

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