Unpicking “as-a-Service”

Within our work we’re increasingly encountering ‘as-a-Service’ business models, in which traditional products are being transformed into managed services. A model famously held by Rolls-Royce’s 1962 ‘Power-by-the-Hour’ trademark, in which operators are charged per-flight-hour for engines. More recently, ‘Platform-as-a-Service’ (PaaS) models, which facilitate development and sale of multiple solution offerings on a single platform, are…

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Connected Trucks – are they really connected?

Connected Trucks have been available in Europe for nearly a decade, and it will be accurate to say that they will soon be the majority of vehicles on the road. Despite apparent benefits for operators after their introduction, we believe that the potential of connectivity has not yet been fully realised. Moreover, significant developments are…

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White Space helps DS Smith set its sights on removable plastic

White Space has supported DS Smith, a leading international sustainable packaging company, in releasing new research which finds that 1.5 million tonnes of plastic could be replaced each year from supermarkets across Europe. White Space helped jointly produce the report “Transforming the Supermarket Aisle”. It identifies plastic packaging, such as fresh produce punnets and shrink…

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Data Analytics: Field Force Strategy

Our Head of Analytics, Andy Downs, has pulled together some data on UK traffic collisions to showcase our capability with data analysis. This shows how White Space’s data analytics capability might help police collision response field forces. Download the PDF below to see how we use Tableau to generate insight, and use this to shape…

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Domestic Energy Storage: Insights & Implications

The recent decision by the UK government to cut feed-in tariffs ostensibly changed the picture for solar panels. New PV owners no longer get paid to send energy back to the grid. However, domestic energy storage could help the business case for owning solar panels. Companies ranging from Tesla, IKEA and Shell are investing in…

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