Disintermediation: winning the battle for the customer relationship


I’ve worked on lots of projects on disintermediation recently. It seems like a simple concept: the removal of the intermediary, often a retailer, broker or reseller. This leads to providers selling directly to customers. However, I’ve seen things work out differently, with broader scrambles for the customer relationship breaking out. I’ve summarised the most common scenarios below, and thoughts…

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White Space Strategy shines light on disintermediation at first strategy summit

New College Oxford

We are living in a time of extreme disruption. At this very moment there is a startup somewhere in the world plotting to transform the status quo of every industry, even yours. Disintermediation is a big part of this, with companies battling for control of the customer relationship. White Space Strategy will be holding an…

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Zhong An: 4 reasons their approach could reshape the insurance industry

The world of InsurTech is full of innovative companies meeting consumer needs in fresh ways. We can all agree that many of these start-ups have some brilliant ideas – Cuvva is targeting the on-demand niche, Ladder is rehabilitating life insurance for millennials, and Lemonade has a revolutionary approach to claims. However, each of these currently…

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Distributed Energy: When will it happen?

The way we use and generate energy is changing. In addition to the large centralised power stations, which supply much of the UK’s power, an increasing amount of electricity is being generated by smaller, often renewable, sources sited at or close to the load they serve. There are still some major barriers standing in the…

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M&A outside the core: challenges and solutions

Often the most appealing acquisitions involve competitors. Due to sector familiarity, synergies with the product or service and a potentially overlapping customer base, these are often high on the shopping list. However, there’s a growing trend for large corporates to move away from their core sectors and invest in companies in unknown areas. This could…

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