Local Heroes – Helping British Gas develop an effective proposition and strategy for the on-demand market

Local Heroes is a new venture from British Gas, designed to become part of the growing on-demand services trend. The online tool gives customers instant access to book local tradesmen with a transparent price and backed up with a British Gas 12-month guarantee. White Space were involved at the start of the project when they…

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Growth Trends 2017: Making them work for you

The day-to-day of keeping a business running can cause us to ignore or miss bigger trends that are shifting the market landscape. As strategy consultants, we are often asked to identify how businesses would be best placed to respond to changes in regulation, pricing or consumer behaviour. Increasingly, we are hearing the same trends being…

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The Sky’s the Limit: How could drones affect your business?

Drones hit the headlines recently as news coverage of Amazon’s idea for drone delivery lead to talk of skies filled with unmanned aerial vehicles. Far from being mere toys, predictions of rapid growth in the drone industry estimate that it may be worth over $127 billion by 2020. However, progress still needs to be made…

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How to make a flatter organisational structure work

Businesses traditionally tend to have a hierarchical management system. However, more and more businesses have abandoned this structure and have adopted alternative systems with fewer managers. These “flatter” company structures are shaking up traditionally organised workplaces but there are conflicting reports around their success. Whilst some have been successful, even industry leaders, many have failed…

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What will this year hold for Black Friday?

The countdown to Black Friday has well and truly started, but what can we learn from last year and what might happen this year? Black Friday is now the biggest shopping day in the UK: last year £2bn was spent in shops and online in just a 24-hour period. In 2015 footfall in stores fell…

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