White Space reaches six figure pro bono milestone

White Space is delighted to announce that it has now donated over £100,000 in the form of pro bono work since the company’s charitable division was founded three years ago. White Space is incredibly proud of the impact it has had, and is delighted to see charities reaping the benefits of its support. So far,…

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‘Smart’ – what does it really mean?

Are ‘smart’ devices more intelligent? Smart connected devices and technology is one of the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry today. But what does ‘smart’ really mean? The true meaning of the term ‘smart’ is likely to be an electronic device or system that can be connected to the internet, used interactively and is to…

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How to Prepare your Business for International Expansion [Infographic]

Is International Expansion right for your business? International expansion can create many opportunities for business growth, but it requires the right strategy, including thorough research of the local market, significant upfront investment and the commitment to make it happen. However, not every entry into a foreign country is successful, we carried out some research of…

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What Exactly is Big Data?

Finding a robust definition for big data is tricky, with most seeming vague.  One potential reason for this is because when we try and quantify what constitutes big data, the result we get today will be completely insufficient in a years’ time, due to the advances in technology and quantities of data produced.  The volume…

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