Analysing Vast Datasets: How CERN Do It

The most recent dataset White Space analysed contained over 45m records, a drop in the ocean when compared with CERN.  Managing Director, John Bee, recently went on a tour of CERN, the nuclear research facility, to find out about how they approach analysis of vast datasets. How are they collecting and analysing data to crack the mysteries of…

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Why And How You Can Still Predict The Future

The opinion poll industry is in crisis.  Serious questions are being raised about the ability of customer research to accurately predict anything.  It would be tempting to agree, and conclude that research is pointless: it’s impossible to predict the future so don’t bother trying.  However, whilst I didn’t see the opinion poll failure coming, I…

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Financial Services: Who are the ‘Next Generation’ Innovators?

Not so long ago White Space were talking about Google and Apple and being ‘next generation’ future disruptors within Financial Services.  Google are now 16 years old.  Apple are 39.  They may or may not be major players in the FS landscape, but they are no longer new kids on the block. So, who are…

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5 Reasons Rough Trade Are Growing

Bricks-and-mortar music retailer Rough Trade have bucked the trend and are growing rapidly compared to their failing rivals. Whilst many HMV stores have closed, and Amazon and streaming have left traditional music retail in tatters, Rough Trade continues to grow with more stores opening in the UK and US. Rough Trade are a great example…

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Dealing with Disruption

Today’s news that Uber has overtaken yellow taxis in New York highlights the potential of disruptive business models and new ventures to grow rapidly. The need to understand and respond to these threats is therefore greater than ever. White Space’s Dealing with Disruption white paper has now been published, and is available to download. In…

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