EVs Hub

The electric vehicles market is still in the early stages; however, it holds significant future potential. If progress is made as anticipated, interest in electric cars will become mainstream by 2022, presenting huge opportunities to businesses across many industries.

White Space could help you develop your EV strategy by assessing 4 strategic opportunities:

  1. Assess the viability of new EV-related propositions
  2. Identify how you could tap into EV investments being made by other companies
  3. Identify where, how and when you could play in the EV market
  4. Identify partnership and acquisition opportunities to unlock the market


Recent EVs insights include:

  • Future offerings for energy companies With the current rise of EVs, it’s an ideal opportunity for those within the energy sector to consider how best to capitalise on this new growth area. We looked at Norwegian energy companies to see what propositions and services they were adding to support EV adoption.
  • What are the barriers currently holding back consumer adoption? Our white paper highlights the opportunities in this growing market, and addresses the following issues:
    • What are the key barriers to mass adoption?
    • How can different sectors work together to overcome these barriers?
    • What could future uptake look like?
    • What opportunities are presented?
  • EVs Discussion Summary On the back of the white paper above, we held and event on the barriers to adoption. The event bought together senior leaders from various industries. We asked them to consider how their industries could address the key barriers currently preventing mass adoption.