Rapid Innovation Webinar

Rapid Innovation: How can big companies pivot fast?

Big companies are often constrained by internal cultures when it comes to rapid innovation. However, creating a disruptive business model to meet changing needs can allow you to tap into new customer groups and transform operations.

In the summer we held an innovation event at our offices, gathering insights from senior people at companies including Unilever, BT and DS Smith. We were able to gain their opinions around how large corporates can innovate faster and more successfully.

We’ll be discussing…

  • How do big companies innovate quickly?
  • How do you move against internal cultures/constraints?
  • Who’s innovated well and what led to their success?
  • The key take-outs and insights that came from our innovation event



Tuesday 13th November – 11am-11:40am



Sarosh Khan, Engagement Manager

Alex Grime, Project Team Leader



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