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Made In The UK – The Potential Benefits of Reshoring Manufacturing

With the news that Aston Martin chose South Wales ahead of 20 other global locations to build its new luxury DBX, what are the advantages of having a “Made in the U.K.” label? Whilst recent media reports have highlighted the struggles faced by U.K. steel manufacturers, there are other businesses with U.K. factories which are…

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Getting CVC Right: 5 key lessons learnt for corporates looking to invest in small, high potential businesses

Struck by the clear benefits and patchy historical success of CVC, we interviewed 16 ventures with experience of CVC investment to understand what characterises a successful CVC partnership. Over 90% of them classed their deals as being ‘very successful’. This paper explores the experiences behind these positive outcomes, and draws out lessons for corporates interested…

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The Future of Drones in the Commercial World

Traditionally the usage of drones, UAVs, has been seen by many is limited to the military space. However, it now appears as though there is an opportunity for UAVs to revolutionise the commercial world through the way in which goods are delivered, as well as the way in which landscapes are mapped. Here we explore…

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FMCG Supply Chains:post Recession Trends

White Space has written and published an industry consultation white paper focusing on the responses of FMCG manufacturers to continuing post-recession economic conditions…

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Strategic CSAT: Driving Strategic Outputs from Satisfaction Research

The key strengths of CSAT research programmes are problem diagnosis, data collection methodology, basic reporting and responsiveness. The overriding weakness of CSAT research programmes is their inability to deliver strategic or commercial outputs.

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