Customer Experience: Bank on Automation

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Getting customer service right in the financial services sector is notoriously challenging. Once they have opened their account customers rarely interact with an organisation unless they have a query, or a problem. This model places greater emphasis on the positive impact that seamless and efficient interaction can have on an organisation’s reputation, conversely, poor customer service can be damming.

The rise of automation in customer service presents a distinct opportunity to improve the customer experience, balancing the need for robust security precautions with the desire for quick and intelligent service. Improved customer service can help organisations differentiate themselves from an increasingly crowded market, resulting in improved customer retention and acquisition.

In this paper, we consider the trends in pro-active automation, automation of authentication and chatbots from two perspectives: 1) the industry standard that every leading player should be using; 2) examples of technology that can help organisations differentiate themselves and provide best-in-class customer service.

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