Why hasn’t the Connected Homes market taken off?

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For years, retailers, manufacturers and analysts have made bold claims about the influence that connected technology is about to have on the market, and have stated that we are at the tipping point. There is no doubt that at some point the industry will be revolutionised: from using energy to unlocking doors, the potential is huge. The vision of a consumer walking into their home and speaking to their house, or the house intuitively knowing when to order washing powder, is no longer a ridiculous vision of the future, but a reality that developers are actively working towards.

The reality is, however, that the connected home market has yet to take off. Most homes aren’t smart, and most appliances don’t work in ways that are outwardly much different to 20 years ago. Understanding why this is, and what needs to change to make connected homes a mainstream reality, are relevant to a wide range of industries.

White Space has looked directly into these topics by speaking to 12 market experts and conducting a nationally representative survey of 1,017 UK Adults. Our findings can be seen in a series of White Papers which begin by examining the reasons the market has failed to take off over the next few pages.

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