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We occasionally have a requirement for temporary staff to join our team over busy periods. Depending on the profile of projects available at the time, there may be requirements across both researcher and manager levels, and each requirement could last between 2 weeks and 2 months.

Researchers must be:

  • Comfortable with phone research
  • Curious about the business world, and have good commercial understanding
  • Experience of telephone expert interviewing is beneficial

Managers must have:

  • Direct project management experience (minimum 1-2 years of experience)
  • Very strong commercial understanding
  • Ideally strategy consulting experience

Language experience is not necessary but favoured across both roles. We are currently building a small database of temporary staff that we will contact when openings arise. If you would like to be added to this database, please complete the form below.


We look to foster a diverse and inclusive environment, and what we really value is:

Passion: enthusiasm for business and new challenges

Curiosity: desire to know more about the world around you and how you can make a difference

Personality: ability to write and speak in an engaging way

Acuity: interest in the big picture and precision around the important details

Relevant business experience, good communication skills (particularly on the phone), willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done and the ability to build a rapport with people are particularly valuable. The ability to handle multiple priorities within a deadline-driven environment is essential.

Please complete the form bellow to become part of a temporary staff database. We will draw from this database and when opportunities arise. 

    Please select the roles you are applying for

    Please upload a PDF of your CV

    Please enter any language experience and your experience level in brackets

    In 300 words describe why you are well suited for this role

    Please select the number of years of relevant experience

    Where would you be willing to work?

    If you are WFH outside of the UK, please specify which country you would be working from