White Space has delivered hundreds of projects across a broad range of Consumer and B2B sectors. We’ve summarised a selection of them below, demonstrating how we work and how our clients have benefited from this.


Panasonic Field Force Solutions

White Space have been helping Panasonic Business develop and launch a new field force solutions business. As a result, Panasonic Business Solutions division has been launched. “From day one White Space just got what we wanted to achieve!  Their unique approach opened up angles of attack perhaps we would never have thought of and helped…

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Helen & Douglas House Retail Opportunities Support

As a pro bono engagement, White Space helped Helen & Douglas House identify new revenue opportunities. “As a result of White Space’s recommendations we are running a visual makeover pilot in 5 of our 31 shops. We’ll be measuring the effect of the changes in look, feel and colour and how these impact on income…

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DEBRA Proposition Development Support

White Space helped DEBRA explore new opportunities and strategies for increased event revenue generation from businesses… “DEBRA engaged with White Space to carry out a critique of a long-established event that is organised to raise funds for the charity. White Space carried out a thorough and professional assessment of the event by contacting a number…

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Global Strategy Support

White Space helped Unilever’s Food Solutions division develop a growth strategy for 6 major global markets…   “It was a pleasure working with White Space. They have a refreshing approach, coming with concrete examples and recommendations. Great ability to keep things simple.” Chief Financial Officer, Unilever Food Solutions   Key Questions Answered: What does the…

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Local Heroes Proposition Development

White Space identified and helped develop an effective on-demand home services proposition for British Gas…   “White Space were able to help us analyse the on-demand market, and how we could make the existing business better.” Head of Incubator – UK Home, British Gas   Key Questions Answered: How can we compete with the growing…

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