White Space has delivered hundreds of projects across a broad range of Consumer and B2B sectors. We’ve summarised a selection of them below, demonstrating how we work and how our clients have benefited from this.


Growth Strategy

Following a rebrand and restructure, Northgate Vehicle Hire wanted help to define a new growth strategy plan for the UK. White Space’s work allowed them to understand current market share and growth potential, providing a solid base for them to develop their strategy for the future. As a result of our recommendations Northgate have opened…

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Investment Decision Support

Wavin approached White Space with a potential investment idea, and wanted validation that there was sufficient market demand, as well as which areas to invest in for the greatest return. White Space’s work validated their investment decision, enabling them to focus their resources on much more attractive market segments. Our recommendations supported Wavin in making…

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Retail Strategy Support

Shelter had successfully opened many charity shops across the UK, but wanted to see if there was room for growth in the furniture and electricals market. White Space’s work enabled them to understand the market landscape and form a proposition based on our analysis. Our work directly supported the development of Shelter’s first furniture and…

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New Entry in Construction Services

construction cranes

Client: Global Construction Firm Issue: New Sector Entry in Construction Services Our client was already a major player in the market delivering certain services to the public sector; however they wanted to expand their offering to include additional services.  As a result they needed to understand whether offering the new services could be profitable, what…

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Commerical Performance Analysis

financial graphs and data

Client: Multinational IT manufacturer Issue: Commercial performance analysis in technology Our client has a large market share of an IT manufacturing industry that covers the whole of Europe. The threat from competitors had increased through improvements in their product set and price point, and our client wished to explore what impact that might have had…

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