White Space has delivered hundreds of projects across a broad range of Consumer and B2B sectors. We’ve summarised a selection of them below, demonstrating how we work and how our clients have benefited from this.


Stopping Customer Churn


Client: Major Insurance Company (GI) Issue: Increasing customer churn Our client had seen churn increase by 5% over the previous 12 months. They didn’t know why this was happening and didn’t know how to reverse it. White Space was engaged to provide some answers, and shape how our client spent a £10m customer improvement budget…

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Process Improvement

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Client: Mobile phone network Issue: Credit control process improvement Our client had seen a significant increase in customers getting into debt and subsequently defaulting. They wanted to overhaul their approach. However, they did not know whether their current approach truly was ‘broken’ or whether their poor performance was just a consequence of the recession. They…

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Market Entry: MRI Scanning

MRI Scanner

Client: African venture capital company Issue: Desire to launch an MRI scanning business Our client had observed significant growth in MRI scanning across key global healthcare markets. They wanted to build and launch a new mobile MRI scanning business, and had provisionally identified the UK as the best country to do this in. They required…

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Proposition Development Support

Client: Major technology provider Issue: Proposition development and testing Our client had recently entered into a strategic partnership with a leading retailer. Our client wanted to capitalise on this by overhauling their core proposition, extending it to include products and services offered by their new partner. They wanted White Space to help define the potential…

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