Competitive Strategy

We help companies understand and head off competitive threats.

White Space has a unique approach which allows us to analyse competitors both directly and through the eyes of their customers. This enables us to evaluate individual competitors and to landscape out whole markets. We then assess how our clients can fight back.

Typical questions a competitive strategy project answers:

  • What are the true strengths and weaknesses of the competition?
  • How are competitors run, behind the scenes? How are they able to do what they’re doing?
  • What ‘unknown unknowns’ are out there we need to be aware of?
  • How do we need to change to win the battle?

Recent projects include:

  • FTSE 100 insurer: How do we combat comparison sites?
  • Global energy company: Is our market about to be disrupted?
  • Major credit cards issuer: How do we protect against pay day loans companies?

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Case Study: Global Strategy Support

White Space helped Unilever’s Food Solutions division develop a growth strategy for 6 major global markets

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