Customer Group Targeting

We help companies identify and assess new customer groups to target.

Sometimes our clients are attracted to a new customer group but are unsure how best to serve it. Or they may know exactly how to serve a customer group, but aren’t sure whether it’s sufficiently attractive to justify the effort. Maybe they are a niche provider and want to identify a wide range of possible customer groups that could lead to growth.

To answer these questions we analyse the customer groups in-depth. What are their needs? How much will they spend? Would they consider buying from our client? We also look at the competition. Are they weak or strong? How are they succeeding, or failing? This allows us to assess the level of opportunity and support our clients’ growth.

Typical questions a customer group targeting project answers:

  • Should we begin serving this new customer group?
  • If so, how?
  • What broader customer groups hold potential for us?

Recent projects include:

  • Global lender: Should we begin serving customers with no credit histories?
  • Major online retailer: How do we grow sales amongst people aged 60+?
  • FTSE 250 logistics company: Should we prioritise the retail sector?