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Customer Operations Improvement

We help companies unlock growth, or stem decline, by improving the service to existing customers

This might be a matter of developing a better approach to customer contact, billing or debt collection. Perhaps it involves overhauling online and mobile customer service, or designing a new complaints management process. White Space’s approach puts market analysis at the heart of customer operations decision making: how do customers really want to be treated, and is there anything we can learn from how competitors are successfully meeting their needs?

Typical questions a customer operations improvement project answers:

  • What does best practice look like, and how could we adopt it?
  • What are companies in other sectors and countries doing which we could learn from?
  • What do we need to fix to increase customer loyalty?
  • What service infrastructure is required for a new market we’re about to enter?

Why our approach is different:

  • We reveal how and why other companies are outperforming our clients
  • We generate ideas for improvement from other relevant industries and countries
  • We identify precisely what customer needs are and also how best to meet them
  • We use a range of innovation consultancy techniques to ensure projects lead to actions and don’t ‘gather dust’
    • ‘Actions Builder’ workshops
    • Partnering strategy workshops
    • Destroy & rebuild workshops

Recent customer operations improvement projects include:

  • Development of a new customer services approach for a leading online retailer
  • Development of a new debt collection approach for a major telecoms company
  • Development of a fraud management approach for a credit card provider