Customer Operations

We help companies serve their customers better, for less.

How do customers want to be served? How do competitors do things better? What about companies in other industries, who could be significantly ahead of you? How quickly could you jump ahead of the competition and make change happen using both the right strategy and also case study learnings of what has worked well or failed in other businesses. We can also analyse all your internal performance data and overlay it onto this bigger picture. This reveals which departments, processes and teams can be improved, and how.

Recent projects have covered customer contact, billing, debt collection and complaints. Answers increasingly revolve around AI, automation and machine learning. The best solutions create better customer experiences as well as cost savings.

Typical questions a customer operations improvement project answers: 

  • How do customers want to be served? What makes them respond positively?
  • What does best practice look like?
  • Which delivery teams are under and over-performing?
  • What service infrastructure is required for a new market we’re about to enter?
  • Which new technologies and providers can help?

Recent customer operations improvement projects include:

  • Water company: Development of a new customer services approach
  • Telco: Development of a new debt collection approach
  • Bank: Development of a credit cards fraud management approach

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Case Study: Customer Service Strategy Support

White Space helped Thames Water build a new customer service strategy, cutting across all key customer touch points

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