Geographic Expansion

We help companies identify and assess new regions and new countries that are ripe for expansion.

We scope market sizes, identify customer needs and map out competitive environments. We also assess partnership opportunities and assess the viability of different entry models. This thorough approach allows us to reach accurate conclusions on whether markets are worth entering. If the decision is to proceed we then work out the best way for our clients to prepare and launch.

Typical questions a geographic expansion project answers:

  • Should we enter the market?
  • If so, how? What’s the most appropriate entry vehicle/model?
  • What does the macroeconomic environment look like (currently and in 5 years’ time)?
  • What customer needs must we meet in order to succeed?
  • Who are the primary competitors and how do we beat them?

Recent projects include:

  • US retailer: Should we expand into Europe?
  • UK telecoms company: Should we enter Ireland?
  • UK facilities management company: Should we expand into the Midlands?

Case Study: Growth Strategy Support

Hiscox were interested in expanding within the German market and wanted help to plan for growth. White Space’s work allowed them to understand potential market share in Germany and enabled them to improve segment strategy, as well as identify growth opportunities.

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