We help companies identify development opportunities…and pick the best companies to invest in.

What capabilities will your company need to be a market leader in 10 years’ time? How are you going to get hold of them? These questions can’t be answered on a bean bag. A fresh, market-led approach is needed to spot transformational trends, disruptive forces and to figure out how to act.

The answer might be to buy someone. But who? And how do you bring them to the table? If they’re in a non-core market, which is opaque, our support can be invaluable. We’ll interview their customers, suppliers and even their staff. Then we’ll tell you with complete honesty if it’s a good idea or not. Or even if there might be a better option.

 Typical questions an M&A project answers:

  • What capabilities do we need to acquire?
  • Which companies have these capabilities?
  • Are there synergies with our existing business?
  • Should we buy them?
  • How do we bring them to the table?

Recent M&A projects include:

  • Global energy company: what should our partnership strategy look like?
  • FTSE 100 insurer: should we buy an intermediary?
  • Global manufacturer: should we buy a trade retailer?

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Case Study: M&A and Market Entry Support

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