Manufacturing Strategy

We help companies open, close and optimise plant locations.

Analysis of performance data and economic data about locations can reveal sites delivering best value for money. Overlay a forecast of future needs, costs, prices, and availability of outsourced supply, then you’ve got a basis for decision making. Our data analytics and modelling skills allow real time option comparison and stakeholder decision making. Our interviewing capabilities allow us to verify the data with expert knowledge and build greater certainty for our clients that they are making the best possible decisions.

Typical questions a manufacturing strategy project answers:

  • What trends are driving future production needs?
  • Should we open/ close locations? Where?
  • Given our future growth ambitions what and where should we invest in?
  • How might these decisions vary depending on growth, M&A, market, competitor and regulatory movements?
  • What are the implications for raw materials and supply chain?
  • What would be the commercial impact and ROI?

Recent manufacturing strategy projects include:

  • Global packaging manufacturer: Do we invest in new machines, convert brownfield sites, invest greenfield or acquire for new capacity?
  • Global pipes manufacturer: Do we need to invest in new production capabilities?  What specifically?
  • European insulation manufacturer: Should we manufacture in CEE?  Where?

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