Market Evaluation

We help companies decide whether to enter new markets…and how to crack them.

Entering new countries and adjacent markets is exciting, but it’s risky. When companies don’t know much about these opportunities, and when there’s limited information available in the public domain, they turn to us. We scour the world for little known data sources, or industry associations who can give us access. We identify and interview market experts, customers and competitors to understand the granular detail behind market dynamics and trends. Then we put this together to form a robust view, backed up by evidence. The right decisions as to both whether to enter and also how, can then be taken with greater speed and certainty…

Typical questions a market entry project answers:

  • Should we enter the market? How?
  • How big is it?
  • Is it growing?
  • Is it profitable?
  • What customer types and needs exist?
  • Who are the main competitors? What are their weaknesses?
  • Entry options?

Recent market entry projects include:

  • Global energy company: should we enter the solar PV market?  How?
  • Fortune 500 bank: should we enter the new-to-credit lending market?  How?
  • Global retailer: should we enter France?  How?

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Case Study: Connected Homes Strategy Support

White Space helped Samsung develop a growth strategy for the European connected homes market

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