Market Penetration Support

We help companies grow sales of existing products and services.

Some products and markets can become stale. Others may be new and exciting, with high growth potential, yet the opportunities are not being fully exploited. Either way, the challenge is how to achieve growth. White Space identify the road blocks and work out how best to remove them.

We identify enablers of growth and work out how to capitalise on them. This requires nimble, flexible thinking and holistic analysis of our clients’ markets. Often the answers are well hidden, but a tilt of the mirror reveals the pathway to growth.

Typical questions a market penetration support project answers:

  • Why have sales stalled and markets stagnated?
  • How can I grow in an exciting immature market?
  • What is the real obstacle that is preventing growth?
  • What customer groups and products should we focus on?

Recent projects include:

  • FTSE 250 logistics company: How do we revitalise our retail business?
  • FTSE 100 insurer: How do we grow our home insurance base?
  • Global certification provider: How can we get our fledgling SME proposition to really take off?

Case Study: Growth Strategy

Following a rebrand and restructure, Northgate Vehicle Hire wanted help to define a new growth strategy plan for the UK. White Space’s work allowed them to understand current market share and growth potential, providing a solid base for them to develop their strategy for the future.

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