Product Area Analysis

We help companies identify and assess new product areas and categories to diversify into.

Expanding into new product areas is inherently risky. Will customers buy something new and different from you? Will your brand stretch? Are there new competitors with unknown strengths who have the market sewn up? White Space addresses these issues and provides greater clarity.

Typical questions a product area entry project answers:

  • Should we launch into this new product area or category?
  • If so, how?
  • What do customers want?
  • How do we beat the competition?

Recent projects include:

  • UK manufacturer: Should we start selling ‘smart’ devices?
  • FTSE 100 telecoms company: Should we enter the mobile phone market?
  • FTSE 100 retailer: Should we launch a broadband product range?

Case Study: Investment Decision Support

Wavin approached White Space with a potential investment idea, and wanted validation that there was sufficient market demand, as well as which areas to invest in for the greatest return. White Space’s work validated their investment decision, enabling them to focus their resources on much more attractive market segments.

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