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Proposition Development

We help companies develop compelling propositions to maximise sales growth of new products and services.

The best new propositions are aligned with customer needs and tap areas of the market that are currently under-served. White Space has successfully helped many clients in this area, supporting their growth within existing and new markets. Our approach is based on building a firm foundation of market understanding that provides better support for the development and launch of optimal products and services.

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Typical questions a proposition development support project answers:

  • What should our new proposition include?
  • How can we achieve differentiation?
  • What price should we charge?
  • Which of our potential propositions should we actually launch?
  • Is there sufficient demand for what we can offer?

Recent proposition development support projects include:

  • Developing a new buy-to-let proposition for a major home insurer
  • Refining and testing a new corporate training service
  • Testing market demand for four potential new self-pay community healthcare services

Case Study: Proposition Development Support

Our client had recently entered into a strategic partnership with a leading retailer. Our client wanted to capitalise on this by overhauling their core proposition, extending it to include products and services offered by their new partner.

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