Sales Performance

We help companies boost sales.

Sales data is a treasure trove. We can analyse it to reveal which products, partners, territories and sales teams are really bringing in the bacon. In terms of profit as well as revenues. This typically involves analysing change over time, overlaying measures of sales quality and local market conditions. Usually, there are star earners that are actually loss making, and unsung heroes bringing in high quality business. This supports decisions on investment levels, incentivisation, hiring and firing, to boost the right kind of sales.

Typical questions a market entry project answers:

  • What is a true measure of high performance?
  • Which sales teams are bringing in the most profitable business?
  • Which territories are underperforming?
  • Which partners should we focus on?

Recent market entry projects include:

  • Global energy company: which brokers do we prioritise?
  • Global manufacturer: which countries are underperforming?
  • FTSE 100 insurer: how do we optimise sales through intermediaries?

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Case Study: Sales Performance Analysis

White Space identified key areas of opportunity and threat, to help turnaround a struggling business unit and drive wider company strategy

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