Strategic Data Analysis

We find definitive answers hidden in our clients’ data to unlock their growth potential

Companies increasingly possess vast and ever-expanding pools of data.  As strategy consultants, rather than just as data analysts, White Space explore these datasets, cutting through the noise to find out where focus is really required to make the biggest gains.

We combine and analyse multiple data sets to reveal hidden answers previously considered unobtainable.  This has included:

  • Demonstrating that a major retailer needed to invest in 100 stores because their performance levels were below local market potential
  • Proving categorically that convenience rather than price was the key lever our client needed to pull to address decline
  • Identifying the two products and three countries a global manufacturer needed to focus on to drive growth

Whilst we have some cutting edge big data tricks up our sleeve, we don’t believe in producing endless sets of graphs and charts.  Nor do we apply the same rigid approach, whatever the question or situation, simply because it has worked in the past.  We prefer to think freely, talk plainly and deliver highly focused findings that provide senior decision makers with the clarity they require.

Case Study: Growth Strategy Support

Hiscox were interested in expanding within the German market and wanted help to plan for growth. White Space’s work allowed them to understand potential market share in Germany and enabled them to improve segment strategy, as well as identify growth opportunities.

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