Nishta Soneji

I applied for a summer internship at White Space Strategy because I wanted to gain real exposure in the strategy consulting field, while being able to get stuck in from day one – something which many firms promise, but White Space actually delivers on. Upon joining, I quickly realised that interns at White Space are given real responsibilities from the start, alongside in-depth training enabling them to carry out tasks confidently. This is undoubtedly facilitated by the team at White Space – who are incredibly friendly, supportive and willing to help!

My day typically begins with arriving at the office early to grab some breakfast, whilst I do a quick sweep of my emails and LinkedIn. This allows me to organise my day with any meetings that may have been scheduled, updates on tasks, or any industry professionals who have connected with me saying they are happy for a chat.

One of the tasks I have been set is to do some preliminary research in the European insurance market. This is a market currently undergoing change and our team are aiming to establish any trends that are taking place, such as the increasing number of InsurTech start-ups in the industry. My research will form the basis of my discussions with professionals, and I can make the most of their expert opinions.

Before lunch, my Project Team Leader holds a catch-up to see how everyone is getting along with their tasks and whether any changes need to be made. These regular sessions are useful for keeping on top of what’s going on in the project and clarifying any questions that may have arisen.

Depending on how I feel, lunch can be a trip into sunny Oxford – the office is located right in the centre of town, perfect for shopping or relaxing in Christ Church meadows. I really yoga in my spare time, and was delighted to hear that White Space offer a company yoga programme on Thursdays. Whichever it is, it leaves me energised for the afternoon ahead.

The afternoon starts with a call that had been booked in with some experts, to follow up on my research from the morning. I take it with one of the senior analysts who lets me lead the call myself, while offering me valuable feedback at the end.

After typing up the call notes, I meet with some of the other analysts who are working on the same piece of work in the European insurance market to gather our thoughts on where we think the white paper is heading. We discuss the different views we have come across and find some common themes amongst them. This mini analysis session helps us all stay on the same page and makes writing up the output easier at the end.

For the last couple of hours of the day, I continue some project work for one of our clients – which varies day to day as the project progresses through its stages. I finish this up by 5 and end the day with a review session with one of the Project Team Leaders, who takes me through a training exercise that I completed earlier in the week. Since all team leaders started in the analyst position, the feedback is really useful as they know what it’s like to be a beginner.