Quinn O’Brien

After finishing my studies in International Economics & Finance, I knew I wanted to go into a career that would allow me to apply my analytical skills in a variety of ways, which led me to consulting. I considered a few large consultancies, but realised that with a smaller consultancy I would be exposed a wide variety of projects and work closer with upper level management, expanding both my skill set and my knowledge. Also, I was considering taking an even bigger leap by moving from Philadelphia to the UK, and once I found out what White Space had to offer, I knew I was Oxford-bound.

Although I have only been at White Space for a short time, I can tell it is the perfect opportunity as I start my career. White Space supports blue-chip companies much larger than itself, many of our clients repeat purchase, proving that our reputation and work proceed our size. Through our diverse project work I am exposed to a range of industries and different research methods, making every day in the office varied and interesting. In addition, White Space is not only focused on producing high-quality work, but also on developing a high-quality employee. There is an extensive training programme that challenges White Space employees of all levels.

One of the qualities that sets White Space apart from other consultancies is the culture. There’s no pressure or expectation of working out of office hours, and it is unlikely to see someone in the office past 6 pm day to day. Additionally, the entire office has a very healthy and supportive culture, making collaborative work in the office really enjoyable, and our Friday pub trip an event not to miss. Even though I’m 3000 miles away from home, the White Space family makes me feel as if I were at home. Also, working in Oxford is a dream come true. After studying at Oxford University for a year, I was absolutely ecstatic to have found a job in the city I had missed so much. Not only is the city both naturally and architecturally beautiful, but it has a lively city scene without being overwhelming.