• A strategy consultancy that does things differently

    Net promoter score (NPS): +86

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  • Disintermediation in 5 Minutes

    We’ve distilled our disintermediation strategy summit into a 5 minute video

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  • Global Strategy Support

    Helping Unilever’s Food Solutions division develop a growth strategy for 6 global markets…

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Top tier problem solving without the cost or ego.

White Space is a strategy consulting firm with a completely fresh outlook on business and relationships.

A place where company profitability is secondary to delighted clients and happy staff.

We uncover and analyse market information unobtainable anywhere else and harness it to drive strategy.

If a brief is up our street, we believe we’d do a better job than any firm anywhere, and if it’s not, we’ll tell you.  If we don’t know the answer, we will find someone who does.

We’re always collaborative and open, approachable and honest.  We exist to help clients solve complex problems with the minimum of fuss.

  • “They have all the intellectual capability of a top tier consultancy, without the cost or arrogance. That’s rare. They’ll tell me if I’m being unreasonable. And they’ll listen to other ideas. It’s a two-way relationship.”
  • “Very bright, very curious, very engaging people who help us gain a clear understanding of complex markets. To me, trust is driven by competency, alignment with client interests, and final contribution. White Space delivers on all three”
  • “Bright, approachable people who elevate the quality of the decisions I make. They can handle lots of data, find insights and present me with a simple set of conclusions. They take on very difficult problems and solve them with a minimum of fuss”