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Haverstock Healthcare are the Camden GP federation. We helped them to clean data and create an intuitive analysis tool

To support Haverstock Healthcare’s data capability the following questions were answered:

  • Can we map out capacity and capability across our GP practices to help support the development of integrated, holistic services?
  • How can the data we’ve collected be tidied, summarised and turned into useful analysis?
  • Can a tool be created that allows us to view and drill down into our data in a flexible way?
  • Can we answer specific questions like: which rooms are free at any given time? Which practices face the greatest risk from a staffing perspective? Which services are on target?



  • Powerful tool created and rolled out
  • Service: Market Analysis, Investment Decision Support
  • Sector: Healthcare
“Working with White Space has given us a strong foundation to build from, enabling us to design our services to meet our future aspirations”
Graham Rustom, Director of Operations, Haverstock Healthcare

If you’d like support with data capabilities and tool creation, or to find out how White Space can help your organisation with wider objectives please get in touch

More information on the White Space approach and how we engage with each growth stage can be found on a dedicated page on our website