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Reception Area Healthcare unit

Haverstock Healthcare are the Camden GP federation. We helped them to clean data and create an intuitive analysis tool

Questions answered:

  • Can we map out capacity and capability across our GP practices to help support the development of integrated, holistic services?
  • How can the data we’ve collected be tidied, summarised and turned into useful analysis?
  • Can a tool be created that allows us to view and drill down into our data in a flexible way?
  • Can we answer specific questions like: which rooms are free at any given time? Which practices face the greatest risk from a staffing perspective? Which services are on target?



  • Powerful tool created and rolled out


  • Service: Market Analysis, Investment Decision Support
  • Sector: Healthcare

“Working with White Space has given us a strong foundation to build from, enabling us to design our services to meet our future aspirations”

Graham Rustom, Director of Operations, Haverstock Healthcare

“It was fantastic to be part of a project that will ultimately help the people of Camden receive more and better healthcare services. We were able to combine multiple datasets very effectively, and focused on creating a very visual and interactive tool. I’m looking forward to it being used extensively by Haverstock Healthcare in the years to come”

John Bee, MD, White Space Strategy