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Hiscox, supported by White Space

We helped Hiscox plan for growth in the German market based on strategic analysis of their internal data

To support Hiscox’s growth the following questions were answered:

  • What is the potential opportunity for us in Germany?
  • What’s our current market share and growth potential?
  • What sectors and company size types should we focus on?
  • How can we analyse our customer data to identify growth opportunities?


  • Germany is now Hiscox Europe’s largest business in terms of premium
  • Plans to extend regional footprint during 2019, with new offices in Stuttgart and Berlin
  • Service: Market Strategy
  • Sector: Financial Services
“White Space have enabled us to improve our target segment strategy and thereby grow our business significantly”
Thomas Heindl, Head of Marketing, Direct, Europe, Hiscox

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More information on the White Space approach and how we engage with each growth stage can be found on a dedicated page on our website