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White Space has helped companies address both general and industry-specific issues by providing consultancy based on deep market understanding. Our project experience has allowed us to generate a wealth of thought leadership into common business issues and industry trends.


Rapid Innovation: How can big companies pivot fast?

Rapid Innovation Group

Big companies are often constrained by internal cultures when it comes to rapid innovation. However, creating a disruptive business model to meet changing consumer needs can allow you to tap into new customer groups and transform operations. In July we held our second annual strategy summit focusing on rapid innovation. We looked at how big…

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Electric Vehicles: Driving Through the Barriers

While EVs are still relatively niche in the UK, if projected adoption reaches 1m by 2022, businesses across many industries will be presented with a significant opportunity.  This white paper will immerse you in the current state of play regarding EVs, and discuss the opportunities and key issues faced, these include: What are some of…

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Future Scenarios for the UK Insurance Market

White Space utilised the expertise of senior insurance experts to identify key future trends and scenarios for the UK insurance market. The aim was to identify future trends, identify innovative providers and approaches to market and to understand key consumer drivers and how these could manifest themselves in the future. We held 15 interviews with…

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B2B payments: Targeting cross-sector inefficiencies


Business-to-business (B2B) payments is an area where inefficiencies are still considerable. This creates many opportunities for payments providers to create solutions and grow their businesses. There are huge potential cost savings across many markets: huge payments move between businesses, such as when companies pay their suppliers, or when sending payment to a foreign part of…

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Connected Consumers: Creating Opportunities in FMCG

Today’s consumers are far more connected than ever before, this creates challenges and opportunities for the FMCG industry. We have isolated 5 key trends that have already begun – and will continue – to have an impact on the consumer space.

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