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White Space has helped companies address both general and industry-specific issues by providing consultancy based on deep market understanding. Our project experience has allowed us to generate a wealth of thought leadership into common business issues and industry trends.


Growth Trends 2017: What are the opportunities

Over the course of 2016 we observed a small number of trends driving growth across many industries. Analysis of these trends gives insights into the ideas that are leading company strategy in the UK and are likely to be seen in 2017. One thing that is becoming increasingly clear is that companies are becoming more…

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Why hasn’t the Connected Homes market taken off?

For years, retailers, manufacturers and analysts have made bold claims about the influence that connected technology is about to have on the market, and have stated that we are at the tipping point. There is no doubt that at some point the industry will be revolutionised: from using energy to unlocking doors, the potential is…

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Millennials: The Next Generation of Customer Service

Millennials (those born 1980-2000) are an increasingly dominant spending group. By 2017 they are expected to have the greatest spending power of any generation to date. It is well known that these consumers behave differently to other demographics. They are tech savvy and plugged into social media. They don’t want to wait, and like in-store…

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Loyalty Schemes: Evolving to a new future?

The growth of online retail has resulted in increased consumer choice; customers are becoming more adapt at finding the item they want at the cheapest price. To combat this, companies must now work harder than ever to ensure customer loyalty. While there is an abundance of literature around the ‘inevitable’ death of the loyalty scheme,…

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Manufacturing Social Good

By 2020, emerging markets will represent close to 50% of total consumer spending, and about 70% of overall consumer spending growth from 2010 to 2020. Clearly, accessing these markets is a priority for all global businesses, but it is not always easy. Equally, charitable organisations often lack the funds to truly scale up initiatives that…

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