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British Red Cross First Aid Training, growth supported by White Space work

Our work helped Red Cross Training triple their profits in the space of 2 years by changing their focus.

Questions answered:

  • Why have revenues and re-bookings been declining?
  • How does our customer base compare to the wider prospect population?
  • Which are the most attractive segments for RCT?
  • What might the impact of regulatory change be on purchasing behaviour?
  • Where should RCT focus for growth?


  • Profits tripled in 2 years
  • Growth sustained for 5 years from the piece of work
  • Service: Market Strategy
  • Sector: Humanitarian
“We were £750k down on forecast, stumped as to where we were going wrong, being told we were too expensive – and about to drop our prices. The light bulb moment for us was that it was about convenience and location not necessarily price. On the back of their support we recovered our profitability in the first year, and have now grown to £5m profit (from £1.5m) in 2 years”
Josh Hull, Programme Manager, Operations, British Red Cross
“We are delighted that RCT were able to grow consistently for a 5 year period on the back of this work – particularly as this profit is then used to fund the relief side of the charity”
Nick Edwards, MD, White Space Strategy

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