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Northgate Vehicle Hire, supported by White Space work

We helped Northgate Vehicle Hire define their growth strategy for the UK

To define Northgate’s growth strategy the following questions were answered:

  • What’s our current market share and growth potential within the Light Commercial Vehicle rental market?
  • Are there any other markets we could enter in order to support growth plans?
  • How can we grow UK Light Commercial Vehicle rental revenues and take market share from Contract Hire and Hire Purchase markets?
  • What regions and industries should we focus on?



  • Northgate’s customer base grew by 29% in 2 years following project
  • Service: Market Analysis (M&A)
  • Sector: Automotive & Mobility
“The LCV business rental market is hugely fragmented with little existing data. White Space approached this project with focus and delivered some very sound models which have directly supported our growth”
Jonathan Pearce, Head of Marketing, Northgate Vehicle Hire

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More information on the White Space approach and how we engage with each growth stage can be found on a dedicated page on our website